Dr Oz Lost His Election & Trevor Noah Hailed Oprah For Killing The 'Monster' She 'Created'

Oprah backed the guy who beat Oz.

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Dr. Mehmet Oz and Oprah Winfrey. Right: Mehmet Oz in a viral campaign ad.

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Oprah Winfrey. Right: Mehmet Oz in a viral campaign ad.

No medical trick will erase the sting of Dr. Mehmet Oz's election loss on Tuesday night, when the former TV host failed to win a U.S. Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Oz, who ran as a Republican, ended up losing to Democrat John Fetterman in the race, after his former ally Oprah Winfrey turned against him.

Oprah helped launch Oz's career over a decade ago, first by featuring him as a recurring guest on her show and, later, by helping to launch The Dr. Oz Show through her production company.

However, Oprah abruptly came out to endorse Oz's opponent in the U.S. midterms earlier this month, without calling out Oz by name.

"if I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman for many reasons," she said last week.

"I love Oprah," Oz later said on Fox News, per Yahoo. "She and I have different politics, and that's OK."

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah praised Oprah for opposing Oz on Monday, applauding her for going after "the TV doctor she made famous."

"At some point in life, you have to kill the monster you create," he joked. Noah then trolled Oz by pretending to offer a false medical cure for the problem.

Many laughed at the joke, although others pointed out that Oz wasn't always such a hardcore right-wing Republican.

"Oprah did not create Dr. Oz," one person tweeted. "She provided a platform for a man who at the time was thinking/speaking rationally and not the monster he is today. Please stop blaming women in particular Black women for problematic men."

"Oz was always an opportunist and a charlatan," another critic wrote.

Oz gave up his show and moved to Pennsylvania to run for its Senate seat, although he couldn't turn his wealth and celebrity into a win. He also flirted with conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's election win in the run-up to this vote, though he later tried to walk that back.

His election battle with Fetterman got bitter and weird, to the point where Oz went to a grocery store and tried to seem folksy while picking up some "crudites" for a campaign ad.

Fetterman ripped Oz as a wealthy out-of-towner in a tweet responding to the video, which Oz has since deleted.

"In PA we call this a ... veggie tray," Fetterman wrote.

Oz went into the race with former U.S. President Donald Trump's endorsement.

He ended up being one of several Trump-backed candidates who fell short in the midterms, losing to Fetterman by about 3 percentage points.

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