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Someone Made A LEGO Dr. Tam & Even She Thinks The Resemblance Is Uncanny (PHOTOS)

Canadians are so used to seeing certain officials by now that they probably have all of their faces memorized. Dr. Theresa Tam is among them, and someone managed to capture her likeness in the medium of LEGO. The doctor even shared it on her Twitter.

The image, which depicts Dr. Tam in her usual spot behind a desk with a microphone (seated in front of a Canadian flag no less), came from a LEGO artist named Noah.

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It even includes the doctor's trusty thermos which is always next to her at briefings.

The image obviously impressed Dr. Tam herself, as she shared it in an August 15 Twitter thread.

"Thank you to Noah! I am so impressed by this amazingly creative and detailed LEGO construction (I do love my tea thermos and must have my stack of papers with the latest numbers & facts on hand during #COVID19 briefings)!" The Chief Public Health Officer wrote.

She followed up with another message in her thread, writing "The attention to detail, reminds me once again how brilliant, innovative and courageous Canadian #Youth are. Share your LEGO creations! #YoungCanadians #WeWillGetThroughThis #cavabienaller"

Dr. Tam has been providing daily COVID-19 briefings for months now, and has become a familiar face in 2020.

She has talked about the progress being made by Canadians, the steps needed to keep the spread of the virus contained, and even the prospect of trying to date during a pandemic.

This isn't even the first time that a Canadian official has been captured in the blocky, colourful world of LEGO.

In April, a Winnipeg dad named Tyler Walsh took it upon himself to transform the Prime Minister's message directly to children into a stop-motion LEGO video, which he shared on Twitter.

Justin Trudeau himself responded to the tweet, writing "This is really great, Tyler. I think my kids - and a whole lot of others - will get a kick out of this, all while hearing how they can help out too. Thanks for helping spread that message."

The question remains: when are we going to see a LEGO version of Doug Ford calling people a bunch of yahoos?