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Dr. Tam Wants You To Have 'The Talk' With Your Family Before The Holidays

Not that kind of talk though.
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Dr. Theresa Tam's COVID-19 Update Included Her Telling Canadians To Have 'The Talk'

In Dr. Theresa Tam's COVID-19 update, she said that she wants Canadians to have "the talk" with family members before the holidays.

During a press conference on November 20, the country's top doctor said that we need to have "the talk" — but not the kind of "talk" you're thinking about.

Canadians have to have conversations with their families about what will happen over the holidays.

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Having 'the talk' takes on a different meaning right now. Dr. Theresa Tam

Dr. Tam said that we need to make our expectations known, plan ahead, and be firm.

"Having 'the talk' takes on a different meaning right now," she noted.

That means telling family members who will be coming over as guests during the holidays that they have to take certain measures.

She mentioned limiting contact for two weeks before arriving, wearing masks, washing hands, and sitting at opposite ends of the dining table as possible things to do.

This advice comes after new data and modelling was released by the Public Health Agency of Canada that showed the country seeing over 20,000 daily cases by the end of December if changes aren't made.

A week before this, both Dr. Tam and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got real about the holidays and how it wasn't "looking good" for celebrating with others.

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