Drake & Toronto Got Some Attention In The Trailer Of A New Netflix Movie With Jonah Hill

The CN Tower also came up.

The album cover for Drake's album, Views. Right: Jonah Hill in the movie trailer You People.

The album cover for Drake's album, Views. Right: Jonah Hill in the movie trailer You People.

A new Netflix movie featuring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy might be based in Los Angeles, California, but the trailer for the flick gave the city of Toronto and one of its most popular stars some attention.

The teaser for the film, You People, features stunning shots of luxurious homes surrounded by palm trees but quickly diving into the storyline, Drake and his relationship tendencies became the butt of a joke.

As the trailer introduces the character played by Jonah Hill, it portrays him as a lonely Jewish man struggling to find a girlfriend and awkwardly having to share his single status at a family event to a creepy man who seems to be his grandfather.

Flash-forward to the scene where Drake gets his mention, and Hill is spilling to a friend about how he'll never find a woman who understands him.

"I don't think I've heard of a man ever who wanted to be in a relationship so badly besides Drake," she replies. "And I'm talking Views Drake."

The nod to the superstar's six times platinum 2016 album wasn't the end of his random injection into the film.

"I feel like Views Drake," Hill's character continued, voicing over a series of examples of his day-to-day lonely life. "Alone, on a building, dangling my legs off wondering what it's like to feel companionship."

That "building" of course, is the CN Tower Drake is seen sitting atop in his Views album cover.

Not exactly how most people would refer to the city's well-known landmark, and perhaps less important, also incorrect, as the CN Tower isn't recognized as a building by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) because it doesn't have continuous floors from the ground up.

Sorry, Hill and Kenya Barris (the co-writers of the movie).

However, moving on from the quick Drake and Toronto references, from there, the movie dives into the true story, which is Hill's newfound relationship with a black woman (played by Lauren London) and the painfully awkward cross-family dynamics that are the result of their oddly painted romantic connection.

The parents of the struggling couple feature other A-list actors, such as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Nia Cole, David Duchovny and Eddie Murphy, co-starring alongside Jonah Hill.

You People is set to land on Netflix on January 27.

Stuart McGinn
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