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You Can Turn Your Climate-Changing Ideas Into Reality With Earth’s Own Plant Project

Be the difference you want to see.

From the food blogger you follow to those veggie burgers you walk past in the grocery store every week, plant-based foods seem to be everywhere. When you look into it, there are good reasons why. Eating a diet rich in plant-based foods is celebrated as one of the biggest ways you can help support the environment and improve your health at the same time.

According to several studies, plant-based food can be produced all while using less water, land and energy compared to animal products. These benefits to the environment are exactly what local Canadian brand, Earth's Own, are all about as they set out on their mission to educate and inspire more people to eat more plants. Because ultimately they believe that eating a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing people can do as individuals to help fight climate change

To help Canadians make a difference with their own plant-forward ideas, Earth's Own hosts an annual initiative committed to making a real impact. The Earth's Own Plant Project is a climate change campaign that opens up a public call-to-action, inviting Canadians to share their best plant-based projects, products or ideas.

Essentially, they're on a mission to change the way Canadians eat and are offering their support to people, groups and organizations that are doing their part to reduce the impact of climate change by sparking a shift to plant-based eating.

The initiative offers grants up to $25,000, as well as volunteer support, product donations, mentorship, training, networking opportunities and more.

The Plant Project began in partnership with Erin Ireland, a plant-based advocate and vegan-bakery owner in Vancouver, as a way to inspire real change. Erin helps judge applicants' ideas and will be available for one-on-one mentoring with winners.

Earth's Own is open to supporting ideas with a similar mission to saving the planet, so don't be shy. You have the choice of applying as either an individual or as part of an organization. To apply, just fill out the official application form before 31 July 31 at 11:59 p.m. EST. If you have more questions, check out their handy FAQ's here.

Once you've applied, keep your eyes peeled for Earth's Own shortlisted finalists in August, and winners will be announced in September.

If you don't have a planet-changing idea but still want to help in the fight against climate change, you can start by adopting a more plant-based diet. Easy lifestyle swaps, like choosing Earth's Own celebrated Oat Milk in your morning cup of coffee, make a pretty big impact on our planet.

Earth's Own Plant Project

Price: Free to apply

When: The deadline to apply is 31 July, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. EST

Details: Canadians can win up to $25,000 in funding as well as training, volunteer support, networking opportunities and mentorship to bring their plant-based project to life.

To learn more about the Plant Project and apply, check out Earth's Own's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.