If you're hurting for cash and want to try something new career-wise, then why not give this a try? You've probably already been a customer before. Over 700 entry-level jobs are looking for people now in Alberta. Amazon's hiring for their new warehouse location near Edmonton and all you need is a high school diploma to apply.

In a release shared with Narcity on Monday, July 6, Amazon announced that 600 new, full-time positions just opened up in their new warehouse in Nisku, near Edmonton.

As a warehouse associate, you'll be asked to "receive and store inventory," "pick and pack orders," and "load boxes into trucks for shipment." You'll be working in a warehouse that sits at over a million square feet in size or the size of 21 football fields.

They're also hiring full-time and part-time workers for their delivery stations in Nisku and Calgary. "Shift schedules vary as do responsibilities," they wrote.

The pay for permanent positions starts at $16.65 an hour, and you'll get a benefits package on your first day. That's better than having to wait three months before they kick in.

This includes visual, dental, and health insurance, as well as six weeks of parental paid leave and more. If you work at least 20 hours a week, you can also contribute to a group RRSP and more.

Plus, if you work there for over a year, you can access their "innovative training and continuing education program." 

That could help you land a new career at Amazon down the line.

For example, workers can join their "Career Choice" program, which pays up to 95% of the tuition for courses in a variety of different fields, whether or not it's even related to Amazon.

They only ask applicants to be at least 18 years old and to have their high school diplomas or equivalent certification.

With the competitive pay rates and tons of bonuses, this position could just be a great stepping stone to your future career.

Amazon Warehouse Associate

Salary: $16.65/hr

Company: Amazon

Why You Should Apply: Low entry requirements for a stable job with competitive pay and benefits is a definite win.

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