On Tuesday, December 5, Health Minister Tyler Shandro was asked about the possibility of extending the current Alberta COVID-19 restrictions

During the press conference, a member of the media asked when the province plans to announce if current restrictions will be extended after January 11, the date they are currently in place until. 

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These restrictions are at least in place until January 12. Tyler Shandro

Shandro said that the province's "Cabinet COVID Committee" will be meeting again sometime this week to discuss how restrictions will be handled moving past the initial cutoff date. 

He said that the "reliability" of some of the testing that was done over the holidays needs to be looked at as he believes some people were choosing not to get tested during that time.

That, the minister said, will be reviewed "either this week or next week." 

After the short answer, he dove into the next question.

At present, gatherings are prohibited in Alberta, there are no dine-in services at bars and restaurants, gyms and fitness centers are closed, and many other businesses are operating under restrictions. 

There is also a work from home order which advises everyone who is able to stay at their houses rather than go to offices or workplaces unnecessarily.