Alberta's Hidden Pyramid Island Is An Easy Summer Lake Hike Away

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Alberta's Pyramid Island Is An Easy Summer Lake Hike Away

There is something so rewarding about discovering a new jaw-dropping sight you never knew existed. This summer, you can escape to a hidden island. But you don't need a sailboat to reach this pristine land surrounded by bright blue water. Instead, you'll cross an easy overwater path to Alberta's Pyramid Island.

Slightly over three hours from Edmonton, within Jasper National Park, you can discover Pyramid Island. If you've never been there before, you are seriously missing out as it is one of the most scenic locations in the area.

But forget about a long dreadful hike that takes hours to complete. Reaching the island couldn't be easier; it is just a few steps from the parking lot across a wooden bridge. 

Even exploring the entire island is perfect for novice hikers. The flat 0.8-kilometer out and back trail that will take you to all the best views.

In the summer, this location is especially fantastic. You can head to the sandy beach, which is one of the top three beaches in the national park.

On a hot day, is a wonderous spot to cool down by splashing in the refreshing clear water. But swimming isn't the only way to enjoy the lake.

You can also head to Pyramid Lake Resort to rent a paddleboat, kayak and canoe too. They rent boats by the hour, for an affordable rate. 

Together with your BFF, you can share a double kayak and enjoy a picture-perfect sunny day.

Or you can kick back and enjoy the view of Pyramid Mountain from one of the many benches along the shore. Sitting there, it will feel like you have this slice of paradise all to yourself.

Even after the sunsets, the island is equally stunning. Did you know Jasper National Park is a Dark Sky Preserve?

It just so happens that this island is also one of the best areas to watch shooting stars and spot other constellations.

Instead of another dreary day staying indoors, it is time you see this island for yourself.

Pyramid Island

Price: $10.00

Address: Jasper National Park, Jasper, AB

Why You Need To Go: It is an easy hike to one of the prettiest spots in the national park.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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