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Election Fraud Is Trending On Twitter & Trump Isn't The Only One Being Censored

Others are getting a similar treatment, too. 😬
Election Fraud Is Trending On Twitter & Donald Trump Isn't The Only One Being Censored

Despite already having to watch the U.S. election result unfold before our eyes, we may also have to add dodging misinformationΒ to our to-do-list.Β  Β 

Following some tweets by Donald Trump that prematurely claimed victory, Twitter and Facebook have started putting warning labels on his posts to protect from "potential misinformation."Β 

Now, it seems some others are also getting similar treatment for their social media posts.Β 

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Messages have flooded the Twitter-sphere reminding users that the U.S. election is not yet over and ballots are still being counted.

In a tweet of their own, TwitterΒ explained that they had placed a warning on one of Trump's tweets for "making a potentially misleading claim about an election."

According to them, this action is in keeping with their policies.Β 

Other platform users have also seen similar warning messages placed on the tweets of others.

"Now Twitter is censoring people for calling out possible/likely fraud," one user said.Β 

Tweets that have been flagged, like this one claiming voter fraud in Michigan, cannot be liked or shared.Β 

Jack Dorsey is quitting Twitter.

The social media site's founder and CEO tweeted his resignation on Monday after reports surfaced earlier in the day that he was on his way out.

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