Elon Musk Is Time's Person Of The Year & He's Also Been A Huge Twitter Troll In 2021

Time's Person of the Year makes a lot of 69 jokes.

Elon Musk Is Time's Person Of The Year & He's Also Been A Huge Twitter Troll In 2021
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Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2021 currently has a penis-shaped rocket for a profile photo on Twitter.

Elon Musk has been named Time Magazine's most influential person of the year, and a quick scroll through his Twitter feed shows exactly how he changed — and trolled — the world in 2021.

Musk is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, arguably one of the most visionary businessmen in the world and also occasionally the richest man on the planet (he flip-flops with Amazon's Jeff Bezos). He often tweets about those two companies and shares their accomplishments online.

But he's also a self-described "meme lord" who seems to do things just for the lolz, even when it gets him into real trouble.

Time says it chose Musk as Person of the Year because he's shaping the world with his ideas while essentially trolling it with his Twitter fed.

"As provocative as his vision is his persona, a blunt instrument that often seems to revel in division and aggressive mockery as he gives the world access to his id through social media," the magazine's profile reads.

Here's how he used that "blunt instrument" to troll the world in 2021.

Billion-dollar jokes

Musk might run two massive multi-billion-dollar companies, but sometimes he tweets like he's working a part-time job at McDonald's.

"Thinking of quitting my job & becoming an influencer full-time [what do you think]," he tweeted last week, on the same day he sold $963 million in Tesla stock.

He's also caused some high-priced headaches among cryptocurrency investors, with tweets that have boosted or tanked Bitcoin and Dogecoin values in the last year.

In May, for example, he said Tesla would accept Bitcoin as payment, before changing his mind with a Linkin Park-related meme in June.

He also cratered Dogecoin in May by describing it as a "hustle" on Saturday Night Live, even after pumping it up constantly on Twitter.

Toilet tweets

Even the richest man in the world needs to poop, and Musk says that's one his favourite times to tweet.

"At least 50% of my tweets were made on a porcelain throne," he tweeted last month.

Master of meme

Musk has embraced his role as a Twitter "meme lord," and his account is filled with all kinds of meme-related jokes.

He jokes about everything from dinosaurs to computer RAM to current events, such as the prime minister of Finland getting caught at the club after a COVID-19 exposure.

He took his meme-lord status to the next level earlier this year, when he added "Technoking" to his job title at Tesla.


How many times has Elon Musk made a "69" sex joke on Twitter?

It's too many to count, but if you ask him he'd probably say "69 times."

We're not sure why he keeps making the jokes, but we're pretty confident he'll keep making them after becoming the Person of the Year.

Sex jokes

Musk has (seemingly) seriously talked about founding a city around his SpaceX operations in Texas, but he's also (seemingly) joked about launching his own university with the acronym TITS.

That's just one of the many sex jokes he made on Twitter in 2021, along with changing his Twitter photo to a very phallic-looking SpaceX rocket.

Musk did not immediately tweet about being named Time's Person of the Year on Monday, but there's a 69% chance that he'll eventually address it with a meme.

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