Photos of the stunning New York City snow are exactly what your eyes need right now.

This has been a difficult year for many people and for many reasons. While people around the globe will be experiencing a different holiday season than ever before, there's no question that the magic of winter and the holidays is still alive and well.

On Wednesday, December 16, just nine days before Christmas, New York City received a big dump of snow that, if you can believe it, made the city even more magical than it already is.

Photos and videos of the Big Apple under a blanket of snow have been flooding the internet. 

Whether you have a case of wanderlust or you're in need of a little holiday happiness, these photos will bring a tear to your eye (in a good way). 

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Rockefeller Center Has Never Looked More Cheery 

The skating rink, the giant Christmas tree, and the *chef's kiss* of some fluffy white snow. Honestly, the most romantic place there is. 

Brownstones Covered In Snow  

Everyone aspires to one day live in a beautiful New York City brownstone and have a "usual" order at the restaurant around the corner, right? 

The Brooklyn Bridge Looking Frosty 

The iconic bridge is so grand and so picturesque, you shouldn't be surprised that it looks smashing under a little bit of snow.

New York Street Views

Here's a look at what the lucky locals got to see with their own eyes during the first snowfall of 2020. 

The Flatiron Building Inside A Snow Globe

If you've ever found yourself gazing longingly at photos of New York, you've definitely seen this beautiful piece of architecture. Somehow, it's even more beautiful in the winter. 

Central Park But Make It Winter

Is it even an NYC photo roundup if Central Park isn't featured? It could not be more gorgeous. 

Times Square Stands Still 

In Times Square everything is always buzzing and lights are flashing all around. But, for just a moment, the snow muted the bustle and things stood still. 

New Yorkers Frolicking 

It's moments like these that make all of our troubles just drift away. Look at how happy these New Yorkers are! Childlike, excited and living in the moment. 

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