A digital campaign for mental health just went live with a strong message and rather strong language and it is quite hilarious.

PUBLIC, a social impact agency, introduced a campaign called "Eff 2020" whose aim is to acknowledge the rollercoaster of a year we've had. 

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Everyone agrees: the year 2020 could not have been worse. So, we decided to give it the send-off it deserves.


The digital campaign supports mental health and also seeks to raise money for organizations like the Black Health Alliance in Canada and the Mental Health Coalition located in the US.  

In the video, many people can be seen flipping their middle finger to the camera, each sharing a message of how they felt about 2020. 

"F*** you for taking my job, sorry..furloughing my job," one man said in the video.

Another moment showed a mother standing at the door of her son's room and flipping off the camera.

"F*** you for closing his school," she said, and her son chimed in with an echo.

Lastly, what would a video be without a man on a toilet?

"F*** you to the toilet paper hoarders," he said in the video. 

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