You'll likely see B.C.'s top doctor, Bonnie Henry, all over the internet today, but it has nothing to do with COVID-19. 

The health official is going viral following a provincial announcement about the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. 

While Dr. Henry and other provincial officials including the premier and the minister of health awaited their airtime, they were told it would just a couple of minutes and the jazzy "on hold" music resumed.

Naturally, Henry immediately broke into a little jig that the internet has deemed a happy dance. 

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While the official conference hadn't begun, some news outlets were already recording and viewers wasted no time making the dance into a GIF and sharing it online. 

The GIF has thousands of likes; although, the comment section is rather polarizing.

While many are remarking "I love this so much," "bless her," and things of the like, others are finding it insensitive and unprofessional.  

In keeping with Bonnie Henry's jubilant attitude, Premier Horgan did deliver some messages of hope about what's to come when we "leave 2020 behind."

Horgan reminded British Columbians that we need to stay diligent. He said that with vaccines arriving next week and continual commitment to health orders, we will get through this. 

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