We love a chance to offer our opinion. The Calgary Zoo's penguin baby needs a name and the public has been tasked with picking it.

Voting opened on October 22 and it will close on November 8 at midnight.

To vote, all you need to do is make a donation of any size to the zoo. Naturally, social media is already exploding with suggestions and unsurprisingly, the name Beyoncé has come up several times. 

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The little boo is a King Penguin chick and she was just confirmed to be female thanks to a blood test. 

If you do a little scrolling in the comments section, you'll see that Queen B's name is mentioned time and time again. 

The zoo did say they were looking for a name fit for a queen, after all. 

If you have an idea, you should throw it in the hat because time is up.

Or, you can just sit back and watch the suggestions roll in.

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