To the surprise of no one, COVID-19 has been the talk of the town for almost a year now, so it's a relief that one new topic has joined the chat in the last while: Vaccines

The country just laid out what you need to know about a future immunization strategy in one handy document. There is still no start date available, though. 

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Vaccination is a choice you should make to protect yourself, your family and community.

The Government Of Canada

Before anything, the federal government wants to assure residents that they will only get the best of the best as the country is apparently revered for its high health standards on a global scale and will not compromise this.

Additionally, they said that deals are in place for hundreds of millions of doses of the most "promising" vaccines on the planet so Canadians can have safe and effective vaccines when the time comes.

They also said that everyone will be entitled to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for free as long as they want it. However, they note that there will be limited quantities in the beginning and some people will be given priority

No matter how promising, one vaccine may not actually be adequate alone. 

"You may need to get a second shot to allow your body to develop adequate immunity. We don’t yet know what level of immunity in the population is sufficient to achieve community immunity," the report read.

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