In case you didn't already know, Canada is big. Specifically, it's over 9.9 million square-kilometres. While that number is obviously massive, it can be hard to visualize, which probably still leaves you wondering, how big is Canada? Fortunately, a new map really puts it in perspective. 

Posted on the Canada sub-Reddit, the map offers a "true scale comparison of select European countries' land size to Canada." The select countries are Spain, France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. Those seven countries have been placed on a map of Canada and it is a real wakeup call as to just how big the true north, truly is. 

Even with seven whole countries laid on top of Canada, there is still more than enough grey space left on the map to fit countless more countries. In fact, the seven countries don't even cover any of the Atlantic provinces or come close to equalling the size of all the other provinces.

To make the size comparison even more shocking this particular map is cropped so it doesn't even show the territories, which are massive. In fact, the territories make up well over one-quarter of Canada's total area, with 21% of that being Nunavut alone. 

Even if you put all of Europe onto a map of Canada, it would only just cover all of this country, with the area of Europe only adding up to 10.18 squared-kilometres. 

While Canada undoubtedly has a much bigger land-mass, Europe is leading when it comes to the population. According to that map, the population of just the seven select European countries is approximately 352 million. 

Here in Canada, the population is only at 37 million. While it changes almost every minute, this number may seem insanely small considering all the land-mass here but it's important to remember that a lot of the land is more or less uninhabitable. 

Nonetheless, the 37 million people here can take pride in knowing that no matter what Canada claims the title of the second biggest country in the whole world. The only country beating us out in that category is Russia, who has a total area of 17.1 million square-kilometres. 

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