Another content creator got to share the spotlight in the latest  Jagmeet Singh TikTok video. 

The NDP leader created a duet for a video from user notoriouscree to illustrate the significance of long hair in both Sikh and Indigenous traditions.

Singh notes that in the Sikh religion, both men and women leave their hair uncut as a way to honour their connection to the universal energy.

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Notoriouscree emphasizes that long hair is a symbol of strength and wisdom to Indigenous peoples.

His video, which also features other Indigenous men with long hair, explains the importance of braids as well, noting that the three strands represent the mind, body, and spirit.

Singh further explains the Sikh tradition simultaneously, noting that the turban is a beacon, and that if you see someone wearing one, they will help you.

The NDP leader shouted out notoriouscree for creating a video about such an important part of Indigenous culture, and both of them end their videos with a message to "always be proud of who you are."

Singh previously let his hair down in a TikTok video he made with his wife.

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