Calling all Ace Ventura fans! Just hours after the new U.S. president was projected, Jim Carrey played Joe Biden in a new sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Alongside Maya Rudolph, who was playing new Vice President Kamala Harris, Carrey delivered a victory speech as Biden.

Referencing the 77-year-old president’s age, Carrey joked, "I’ve never felt so alive… which is ironic because I’m not that alive!"

Editor's Choice: Joe Biden's Victory Speech Included A Live Love Letter To His Doctor Wife

The comedic duo also made fun of Trump’s apparent refusal to accept the election result.

“Unlike President Trump, we do accept the results,” joked Rudolph, playing Harris.

Carrey went on to reference an iconic phrase from the ‘90s movie Ace Ventura.

"Unfortunately, in every contest, there must be a loser." He repeated the word “loser” as both actors held an L sign at their heads.

In her real-life victory speech, Kamala Harris shared a touching statement with girls and women around the world.

Biden’s speech, on the other hand, included a live love letter to his wife.

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