Celebrities have been gathering in Toronto over the past month to begin filming Patrick Hughes's star-packed Man From Toronto.

As we all know, anyone entering Canada is subject to the mandatory 14-day quarantine.

This has resulted in some of the cast and crew being able to film, while others are holed up.

Woody Harrelson and Patrick Hughes are out and about filming on location in Toronto, Mississauga, and more.

Today, Hughes was meant to be soaring through the Toronto skyline in a helicopter; the fog is making that difficult. 

Other stars, such as Kaley Cuoco, still have time left to do in quarantine.

In the meantime, Hughes and Harrelson have been filming in a black Dodge Charger. If you see it driving around the GTA, make sure to do a double-take.

No word yet on main Man From Toronto guy Kevin Hart, though since he was facetiming his son yesterday (adorb-alert), we can surmise he's also tucked away somewhere around town for safe-keeping.

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