Mayor John Tory asked Torontonians to “act strongly and responsibly” on November 10 as the city enters one more month of even stricter COVID-19 regulations. 

Tory said on Tuesday afternoon that the city will continue to prohibit eating inside restaurants and going to gyms, religious venues, and casinos. Those are all restrictions that go well beyond what the new provincial red zone (or "control") rules say.

Dr. Eileen de Villa also warned Torontonians about the seriousness of the situation.

The medical officer of health came out to the podium in her somber poppy scarf and strongly recommended people don’t socially interact with people outside their household and limit their outdoor time to essential activities like school, work, and shopping.

Tory said he knows people and businesses will be frustrated by the new restrictions, but that they are being put in place to prevent another full-scale lockdown and a fate “much worse than anything we’ve seen.”

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You should assume it is everywhere.

Dr. Eileen de Villa

“To everyone in Toronto, I want to warn you, in the plainest possible terms, that COVID-19 is out there at levels we have not seen before,” Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eileen de Villa said.

“You should assume it is everywhere, and that without proper precautions and protections, you are at risk of infection.”

Both Tory and de Villa said that their restrictions could only do so much. They said it all comes down to how much Torontonians were willing to listen and make sacrifices.

“I know the vast majority of people support doing everything that we can to stop the virus and to get our lives back to normal as soon as we can,” Tory said. “We need your help right now in order to do just that.”

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