As we went to bed last night, Toronto got its first real snowfall. But that doesn't mean winter weather is here to stay.

According to The Weather Network, Monday morning felt like -7 C in Toronto.

Later this week, however, it could get up to 17 C.

Here's what the next seven days will look like in the city.

Editor's Choice: Toronto's Surprise Blizzard Last Night Was So Beautiful (PHOTOS)

That's a 24-degree difference in just one week — talk about wild weather.

Torontonians took to social media to post photos of the surprise storm last night.

Revel in the fun of the season's first snow while you can because later this week we will be heading straight back to spring and summer.

You may even be able to squeeze in some sledding on the city's best hills before it melts. 

Ontario's seasonal forecast predicted warm and sunny weather into November — it looks like it wasn't wrong.

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