Want a turtleneck with those fries? Well, you're in luck, because Uber clothes delivery is making its way to Canada.

Another major delivery service is opting to sell groceries that can be dropped off in less than 2 hours via its same-day service, and clothing may be involved in the offer, too.

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[Canadians] can now order up new styles as they would their dinner with same-day delivery.

Harry Rosen Inc.

Uber announced their original grocery delivery service back in 2018, but it didn't come to fruition until the summer of 2020 in major cities in Canada.

Since then, some Canadians have been able to score not only groceries from stores like Walmart and Metro, but clothing from retailers like H&M too, according to Mobile Syrup.

Harry Rosen, a popular clothing brand for men, has also announced a partnership with DoorDash, enabling clothing deliveries across Canada until December 24th.

Participating stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary will be on standby to deliver Canadian style options this holiday season.

In fact, locals "can now order up new styles as they would their dinner with same-day delivery," the announcement read. 

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