Jeopardy! shared an Alex Trebek tribute video to commemorate the late Canadian's final episode and it includes his funny moments throughout the years.

At the end of Trebek's last episode, that video played and was also posted on social media for everyone to watch.

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In the video, there are clips of him laughing, making funny faces, dancing even though he said he doesn't dance and even walking out on the stage without pants.

There are also goofs like him tossing a pen in the air but not being able to catch it and accidentally saying the wrong word. 

He also dressed in costumes a lot including one of the Statue of Liberty another of a cloud.

The tribute ended with a montage of Trebek doing his signature sign off throughout the years and then walking off stage.

There was also a message that said he is "forever in our hearts" and "always our inspiration."

Trebek died on November 8 and there was an outpouring of grief from Canadians.

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