If you wanted to know more about the federal NDP leader's family, Jagmeet Singh's latest TikTok video shows throwback photos of him, his brother and their parents.

He joined in on the trend of showing both your parents and what they made by sharing two photos of his mom, two of his dad and five of him and his brother.

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For the music, Singh used a slowed-down version of Rihanna's song "Desperado."

You might recall that she followed him on Instagram back in 2019 and they actually DMed each other.

This video isn't Singh's first foray into TikTok trends.

He recently posted a video trend where you share some of your preferences but did it about COVID-19.

Earlier in the year, he shared multiple versions of him lip-synching to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and his take on the flip the switch trend with his wife.

Singh's brother is also on TikTok and he takes part in trends.

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