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Most people have become pretty familiar with wearing a mask out in public. However, there are some realities of using one that aren't always considered. Jagmeet Singh's brother highlighted one issue that some might have to deal with.

In a July 15 tweet, Gurratan Singh (who is an Ontario MPP with the provincial NDP) shared a TikTok video of how to wear a mask.

"Whether it's your turban, your hijab, or anything else that covers your ears, here's an easy trick for your mask," he wrote.

"So you grab your mask," Singh says in his video narration, noting that his mom actually made it for him. 

"Isn't it cute?" he asks, probably aware that the obvious answer is yes.

Singh then tries to put the mask on. Unfortunately, he is thwarted by his turban.

"Okay, so what do you do if your ears are covered?" he asks, before presenting his own solution.

Singh recommends a product that can hook onto the earloops of a face mask to keep them tied at the back of your head.

"Folks, in these tough times, we all have a responsibility to stop the spread of COVID-19," he says. "Wear a mask and do your part to protect your community."

The product shown off in the video is quite common, and a variety of different types under $20 are readily available for purchase on Amazon Canada.

Wearing a mask has become more important than ever, with a number of cities, including Toronto and Ottawa, making them mandatory in public indoor spaces.

Even Ontario Premier Doug Ford predicted that residents of the province can probably expect to be wearing masks for "a number of years."

Despite the widespread mandate for wearing masks, Ottawa's top doctor confirmed that if you're making your way to the gym for a long-awaited workout, keeping it on while exercising isn't necessary.

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