Jeopardy! just announced past participant and Twitter comedian Ken Jennings will take over as Interim Host of the show starting on November 30.

Jennings, who holds the world record for the longest run on the trivia show, amassed a large following of over 460-thousand on Twitter with his hilarious tweets.

But now one of those tweets has resurfaced and people are not happy with the decision to bring him in.

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Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.

Ken Jennings on Twitter in 2014

Some were quick to bring the tweet back up shortly after the show made the announcement.

Others were also quick to defend Jennings.

This person even believes the tweet is very offensive but still want to see him behind the podium on the incredibly popular show.

Neither Jennings nor Jeopardy! have provided comments on the tweet resurfacing, but someone did bring the tweet up again in 2018 asking why it has not been deleted, which Jennings provided an answer for.

Ken Jennings will not be the only interim host brought in, as the show announced multiple new people will get a shot at hosting, but it's safe to say nobody will truly replace Alex Trebek.

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