2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least, but the infamous "Florida Man" has definitely been living this year on the edge.

From fighting gators and sharks to posing as lawyers, these are the best "Florida Man" headlines.

"Tallahassee Uber Eats driver arrested in nunchuck attack of tow company worker"

The story is simple. An Uber Eats driver walked out to find his car being towed, which he then reacted to by drawing his personal nunchucks and attempted to attack the tow truck driver.

The man now "faces charges of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, grand theft of a motor vehicle, burglary of a structure or conveyance, and petty theft."

"Florida man found guilty of pretending to be immigration attorney"

The man, 56-year-old Elvis Harold Reyes, portrayed himself to be an immigration attorney even though he had no law license and gave undocumented immigrants inaccurate and incomplete legal advice.

He now faces up to 20 years in prison.

"Florida Man Wanted By Police Arrested After Streaming Live Video Of Himself On Social Media"

Nothing is more Florida Man-esque than giving your location away via social media... while you're wanted by the police.

Timothy Munford, 25, was wanted by police for violation of probation, and eventually got himself arrested by live-streaming himself jet-skiing in southern Florida.

"Florida man is bitten by shark, walks home bleeding"

The average person would probably hit up urgent care after being attacked by a shark, but the Florida Man is no average person.

One man was enjoying a swim on a Florida beach when he was suddenly bit by a shark. He then decided to walk all the way home, bleeding, before finally deciding to go get treated at a local hospital.

"Florida man retrieves golf ball off gator’s back

Florida is known for golf, alligators, and pretty insanely brave people.

One golfer spotted a ball resting on the back of a massive sunbathing alligator.

The golfer, this scenario's Florida Man, then decided to retrieve the ball, which then caused the gator to scurry back into the water.

"‘I Feel Threatened’: Florida Man Fired After Mask Meltdown Video At Costco Goes Viral"

Masks have been a pretty controversial topic this year despite proving effective in the fight against COVID-19.

One Florida Man at a Costco did not agree with the studies and had a full meltdown after being asked why he was not wearing a mask.

Someone caught the events on camera which then went viral, leading to the man getting fired from his job at an insurance agency.

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