Citizens across the United States had their eyes glued to the TV on Wednesday as the second impeachment vote for Donald Trump unfolded in the House of Representatives.

Georgia Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took the stand wearing a face mask which had "Censored" written across it, and Twitter was quick with the jokes.

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Those live-tweeting the event were quick to make comments surrounding the mask's irony, which was in fact worn while Greene spoke in front of the House of Representatives.

Greene took the stand to defend President Trump against the ongoing impeachment efforts, which were brought to the floor after House Democrats accused him of incitement of insurrection during the riots on Capitol Hill.

But it seems those watching were focused on the congresswoman's face mask.

The face mask ended up having no effect on the Republican's fight against passing the articles of impeachment, as the House voted 232 to 197.

Greene quickly took to Twitter with a video showing her frustrations with the House's decision.

The next step is the trial, which will take place in the Senate, where a 2/3 vote will be needed to convict and remove Trump from office.

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