When visiting the beach, usually there's so much more to see than just the beach. Sometimes there are hidden trails, boardwalks, and structures you would never know were there unless you went exploring. Jekyll Island's bike trails in Georgia will take you away from reality for a bit to really make your vacation one of a kind. 

The Jekyll Island Bike Trails might be one of the best trails in the south with everything you can see here.

Not only will you get incredible beachy ocean views, but you'll bike through a Spanish moss forest and even see the ruins of an old home from the 1700s on your adventure.

The entirety of the island's bike trails total more than 20 miles. While this is much more doable by bike, you can walk the trails too if you'd like. There's something about beaches, biking, and hiking that just go together so well.

Whether you're a seasoned cycler or just beginning, this trail is easy to moderate so everyone in your group can enjoy it.

The boardwalk you can peddle on will lead you to the Horton House State Historic Area where you can take a break and explore. There are historic markers, beautiful mansion ruins, and even an eery cemetery nestled under Spanish moss-covered trees.

General James Oglethorpe and Major William Horton settled at this spot when they stayed on the island in the 18th century.

If you decide to take your journey in the spring or summer seasons, you'll be followed by colorful wildflowers throughout your trek. The perfect excuse to actually stop and smell the flowers.

It's only $8 to park here and there are multiple spots that offer bike rentals if you don't have your own for small fees hovering around $6 an hour.

Whether you bring your own bike or rent one on-site, Jekyll Island's bike trails will take you on an affordable summer adventure.

Jekyll Island Bike Trail 

Price: $8 parking; bring your own bike to take to the trails for free, or rent one on-site from one of the few vendors available for a small fee.

Address: Jekyll Island, GA — this bike map will help you navigate the trails

Why You Need To Go: This is the perfect way to cruise around the island to see all it has to offer. A fun day date activity with your boo or besties without breaking the bank

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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