For those who are seeking a new adventure that actually puts a little bit of money in your pocket, then this is the list for you, as it will show you some U.S. cities that are actually paying you to move there.

Some of these cities are even paying off student loan debts, which a lot of fresh 2020 graduates could use right about now. 

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Why You Need To Move: Arkansas rightfully earned the title of "The Natural State," with the dreamy landscapes of the Ozark Mountains. The state is offering you $10,000 plus a mountain bike to bring your talents there. With unlimited hiking along with some of the best barbeque you'll ever eat, this will undoubtedly be a decision you won't regret. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Why You Need To Move: North-eastern Oklahoma offers beautiful nature and wonderful people. You'll be able to live the city life while also having the opportunity to escape anytime you need just a breath of fresh air. This program is offering you $10,000 just to move there for one year, which will for sure be one of the most adventurous ones of your life.


Why You Need To Move: Way up in the northeastern United States, Vermont brings in beautiful nature and the most amazing snowfalls in the country. The current problem with the state right now is a work population made up of almost entirely older people, so they're paying younger people up to $10,000 over two years to make the move.  

St. Claire County, Michigan 

Why You Need To Move: Live the low-key life here in St. Claire County, where the people are just as nice as the landscape. In fact, they're so nice that they even want to pay up to $15,000 of your student loan debt just to move there. You might even be able to snag a property on the shores of Lake Huron, so you can wake up to a beautiful lake view every day.


Why You Need To Move: If you're not one to brave the cold, then this might not be the place for you. But if you love nature and the chills, then welcome to paradise. Alaska is paying you $1600 to move there and enjoy some of the most beautiful nature in the world along with some of the best salmon you'll ever eat.


Why You Need To Move: The most northern in the country state offers beautiful nature and amazing people. One program, called "Visit for a week, stay for a lifetime," is offering a full reimbursement on a week-long vacation to the Pine-Tree State, if you come back and stay there. 

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