This is quite the pickle! Seth Rogen's An American Pickle sees him get preserved in salty brine and wake up 100 years later in a completely changed world. The upcoming comedy looks to take viewers on a hilarious ride as the Canadian plays double duty characters.

The HBO Max Original follows Rogen in the roles of both Herschel Greenbaum, a 1920's immigrant, and Ben Greenbaum, his current day great-grandson.

According to a tweet from the Vancouver-born funny guy, the movie follows "A classic tale of a guy falling in a pickle vat, getting brined, and waking up 100 years later in modern New York."

Herschel explains in a voiceover for the trailer that "In old country of Schlupsk, I am ditch digger. As far as jobs in Schlupsk go, it's pretty good."

He continues, "We are the Greenbaum's, and we have American dream. I find good job in pickle factory. And then one day...everything changed."

The video shows Herschel accidentally falling into a giant vat at the factory back in 1919.

Somehow that magical pickle brine ends up keeping his body perfectly preserved as he wakes up and finds himself completely unaged in New York a whole century later.

A confused Herschel then gets introduced to his only living relative, Ben, who explains that his parents passed away in a car crash.

He proposes an idea to his great-grandson that they start a pickle business together, but Ben is pretty reluctant. 

"You have no wife, no children, no friends, no job. You need help!" Herschel proclaims.

According to IMDb, the film comes from director Brandon Trost and writer Simon Rich.

Rogen stars alongside Sarah Snook, Jorma Taccone, Joanna Adler, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Geoffrey Cantor.

An American Pickle will be available to stream on Crave's HBO Max on August 6. Check out the trailer below.

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