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Europe's Highest Airbnb Listing Comes With A View Of The Italian Alps For $292 A Night

You can wake up on cloud nine ☁️ and then hit the slopes!

Europe's Highest Airbnb Listing Comes With A View Of The Italian Alps For $292 A Night

Calling all ski enthusiasts who daydream about shredding fresh powder; You can now wake up on Italy's highest point in the Alps.

A new Airbnb listing offers visitors a breathtaking spot to stay at 3,500 metres up on Mont Blanc, Italy's highest mountain.

The listing opens up on November 23 and one lucky person will get to stay there from November 27- 28 for $292 a night. The price also comes with a round-trip ticket for the cableway and a priceless view of the mountains.

Federica Brignone | Airbnb

The listing is geared toward those who get a kick out of winter sports, given that the guests get access to Mont Blanc's slopes an hour before the ski season officially opens.

After hitting the slopes, guests will be served a gourmet dinner at Tavolo dell'infinito, a restaurant at Punta Helbronner station, according to the listing. Next, they'll go back to their room, the Suite Skyway Monte Bianco, which comes with a stunning view of Mont Blanc's snowy peaks.

Federica Brignone | Airbnb

After spending the day skiing and absorbing the panoramic "views of the roof of Europe from the Circular terrace" at the Punta Helbronner station, guests will be equally delighted by their head-to-toe window view of Mont Blanc's snow-capped peaks from their room.

Federica Brignone | Airbnb

Not only do you get to shred the sharp slopes of Mont Blanc before the season begins, but you'll be virtually hosted by one of the best in Italian alpine ski racer and Olympic athlete Federica Brignone.

Federica Brignone | Airbnb

To top it all off, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the "Save the Glacier" project and adopting an alpine tree, according to the Airbnb description.

Federica Brignone | Airbnb

It's important to note that the property doesn't come with a shower since the room is being converted from a cable car station exclusively for one night.

Europe's highest Airbnb




November 27-28 only

Address: Suite Skyway Monte Bianco, Entreves, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Why You Need To Go: Rip through the untouched and fluffy slopes of Mont Blanc before anyone else this winter season!


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