I Tried All Of The New Bizarre Kraft Dinner Flavours & Ranked Them From Best To Worst

I ate Cotton Candy Kraft Dinner so you don't have to.

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Every Kraft Dinner Flavour Boost Ranked From Best To Worst

If you've been wondering what every Kraft Dinner flavour boost tastes like, here's an honest opinion for each of them.

There are six flavour boost packs: cotton candy, poutine, buffalo wings, butter chicken, ghost pepper and jalapeño. To use one, you make a box of Kraft Dinner like you usually do, with the classic yellow cheese powder, then pour in the flavour boost of your choosing and stir to combine.

I tried all six of the flavours and ranked them from best to worst!

Butter Chicken

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

In my opinion, the butter chicken flavour boost is the best of the six. It has a good combination of spices, is pretty tasty and I could've eaten a lot of it. Nothing can really beat original KD but this is a close contender.


Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

I was expecting this to be the best because it's such a Canadian icon. There are hints of the classic flavours of gravy and cheese curds, but it doesn't taste exactly like poutine to me. It wasn't outstanding but was pretty good.


Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

As someone who doesn't like spicy food, the jalapeño flavour boost was not as bad as I thought it would be. The heat wasn't unbearable but there was definitely spice in there, even though it took a while to really kick in.

Buffalo Wings

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

With this one, it wasn't great but wasn't bad either. The buffalo wings vibes were there in the taste but it was nothing extraordinary.

Ghost Pepper

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

What a scorcher! The ghost pepper flavour boost was intimidating just from the name alone and it lived up to its name in taste. It was very spicy right off the bat and left my mouth burning. If you can't handle spicy food, it's probably best to have a glass of milk ready when you eat this.

Cotton Candy

Lisa Belmonte | Narcity

This might be the most unusual of the six flavour boosts and it was my least favourite. There was a sweet smell, which is confusing for mac 'n' cheese. It also had a definite cotton candy taste but that's not really what I want when I'm eating mac 'n' cheese. Last place for this one.

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