Looks like travelling around Canada might not be a thing of the past. And apparently it won't be that expensive either. Flair Airlines just announced tons of new flights between Alberta and B.C. and some are going for as low as $59. 

As things are beginning to open up, airlines around Canada have begun to announce their summer flight schedules. 

WestJet and Air Canada have already added tons of new domestic flights for the summer and there are even some flights to the U.S. and Mexico. 

But if you’re looking for a super cheap option then Flair Airlines might be the place to look. 

According to their upcoming deals, there are tons of flights available between Alberta an B.C., Some of which are going for $59 or $69. 

Keep in mind that these flights are just one-way, so you will need to purchase a ticket back home. 

The best deals are flights travelling from Edmonton to Kelowna, Calgary to Kelowna, Kelowna to Edmonton, and Kelowna to Calgary. Each one of these flights is going for $59 one way. 

Flair Airlines

There are also cheap deals including Vancouver to Calgary, Edmonton to Vancouver, and the same routes in the opposite direction. These are each $69. 

As for other deals, flights vary in price. Though, very few of the deals are over $99. 

Some of the cheap flights will be running right away while others will be running in August, September, or October.

So just be sure to read all the information carefully before booking. 

Fair warning, flying Flair might not be the best option if you are worried about social distancing. On these flights, people are required to pay extra if they want to physically distance. 

If you happen to book a flight and there is a change of plans, the companies cancellation policy will give you a full refund. 

In order to get it, you need to cancel within the first 24 of making the reservation as long as your trip is more than seven days from your date of booking. 

No credit or refund will be given for missed flights, no shows, or any cancellations made past the cut off time. 

While flying may become more common again, be aware of each airport's policies and health regulations. 

The Calgary airport, for instance, will have everyone wearing a mask and no one can come inside that's not working or flying.