BC Is Hopeful That Locals Will Be Able To Travel Around Canada Again Next Week

Camping anyone?
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Travel Around Canada Could Be Possible As Early As Next Week For BC Locals

It looks like you might be able to put those summer plans you had back into action. Or at least make new, more Canadian ones. B.C. Premier John Horgan said on Wednesday, June 17, that he's hopeful locals will be able to travel around Canada again very soon. He said he's optimistic that it could be as early as next week, so start fueling up that car. 

Road trips may be in the near future for all of us B.C. residents, according to a COVID-19 update to the public on Wednesday.

While residents are already allowed to camp within the province's borders, you could be taking your adventures on the road sooner than you think. 

Noting that the people of B.C. have worked hard to flatten the curve, the premier explained that Dr. Bonnie Henry would have more information in the coming days that will help guide the decisions the cabinet will be making with respect to travel orders. 

He said that he was interested in doing everything he can to make sure he and officials are not putting anyone at risk.

That being said, he was “hopeful” that sometime in the next week the province will be able to move into phase 3 of the relaunch strategy. 

According to the B.C. government, if transmission rates remain low or continue to decline, people can begin to travel. 

That would also mean that under enhanced protocols, hotels and resorts could begin reopening. 

In addition to travelling between provinces, phase 3 would mean the film industry could begin with domestic productions once more.

WorkSafeBC has already launched a series of guidelines for this industry to follow, including limiting intimate scenes and conducting virtual casting. 

Movies and symphonies would also begin to open up; however, no large concerts could be held. 

In terms of school, phase 3 would mean a mix of online and in-class lectures for post-secondary students and a partial return to school for grades K to 12. 

There is no tentative plan for the next phase to begin as it's conditional on at least one of thee factors including a vaccine, community immunity, and broad successful treatments. 

The final phase would include reopening international tourism and hosting concerts, live sporting events, and conventions. 

As of now, we will receive the final word on the launch of phase 3 and what this means for domestic travel in the coming days, says Horgan. 

Stephanie Hilash
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Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer