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Calgary Airport Makes Masks Mandatory For Everyone As Flights Start Again

It's time to get a feel for what the new normal will mean for air travel. There are some changes coming to the Calgary airport that will impact both departing and arriving travellers. The new health and safety protocols are put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and will apply to everyone including people who are just picking up travellers. Fair warning, you may want to invest in a mask if you haven't already.

Air Canada and WestJet have both announced their summer schedules and they include a lot more domestic flights and even some flights to the U.S. and Mexico. 

While this is good news for all you wanderlust personalities out there, air travel won’t be totally back to normal. 

According to the Calgary airport, there are a number of new requirements for passengers, staff, and loved ones walking into the airport. 

To start, physical distancing decals and signage will be placed every two meters in order to keep people spread out as much as possible. 

This has become the new normal in many establishments across the city including bars, restaurants, and salons.  

Hotspots and high touch surfaces like kiosks, gates, hand railings, seating, washrooms, baggage carts, and escalators will be given additional cleaning so you can feel most comfortable touching these areas. 

If you don’t have any hand sanitizer, the airport will supply some for you with stations placed in high traffic areas. 

One of the safety aspects that has newly been introduced is the mandatory use of masks for everyone in the airport and on flights. 

All staff and passengers are asked to come prepared with their own face mask and it’s essential that it's worn properly, says the airport. 

This means it can’t be hanging around your neck or under your nose. 

These masks don’t need to be medical grade which means you can get a cute mask made my a local company with whatever pattern you want on it. 

There will also be some changes for loved ones picking you up from your adventures. 

YYC would only like people entering the airport if it's absolutely required. This means that people should only be coming in for travel or work. 

Passenger pickup and drop off should be done at the curbside. 

So you can say goodbye to being greeted at your gate. 

All of these new requirements are in addition to Transport Canada’s preexisting protocols

As long as you adhere to these new norms, flying should be a breeze. 

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