Florida Drivers Get Roasted On TikTok & Everything Said Is So True

You'll question how they passed the test. 🚗

A smashed car. Right: A busy roadway in Florida.
Florida Associate Editor

A smashed car. Right: A busy roadway in Florida.

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Florida has a unique reputation, and one running joke that swirls around TikTok is how the roadways are nothing but entertaining. Some drivers will make you wonder how they passed their license test.

I've lived in the Sunshine State my whole life and have been riding around for over 10 years, so I'm pretty experienced with my navigation skills...even if I learned how to operate a motor vehicle here, too.

I've seen some backed-up traffic jams and how some people basically ignore road rules. So, when I stumbled upon "Florida Driver TikTok" I knew there would be some hilarious and relatable material from what locals see on a daily basis.

Turning signals do not exist...

...Well, they do. Many Floridians just don't use them often. As a local, it's kind of like as soon as you put on that blinker, the person next to you starts to feel like they're going too slow for you, so they always speed up. Now, it's a competition to get to the next lane.

Many people on the roads just give it some distance and head over. Though it's not legally correct, I've seen it happen so many times.

To prove the legality of a turn, you can see it is a law to use your blinker:

"No person may turn a vehicle from a direct course or move right or left upon a highway unless and until such movement can be made with reasonable safety, and then only after giving an appropriate signal in the manner hereinafter provided, in the event any other vehicle may be affected by the movement."


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Yellow means speed up...

...Well, again, not really. It means slow down, but so many Floridians see it as an extended green light. People are always speeding through that yellow light, which can be dangerous at major intersections.

In my personal experience, I've seen people zip through as if yellow translated to "put the pedal to the medal".

The State of Florida website reads when it's yellow to "stop if you can. The light will soon be red."

Speed Limits are relative.

So, it's highly advised you follow the speed limit or you will get a speeding ticket, however, in so many videos on the social media app, I've seen that others believe this to be true.

One woman said she found herself speeding, slowed down and then saw a cop speed right passed her.


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The video gained 186.2K, and commenters hit their keyboards replying that it was so true. Some even pointed out specific areas, like South Florida.

"The amount of facts in this video I swear 😂😂 I hate it hereeee," a viewer wrote.

According to the Florida Driver Association , speed limits actually are relative, just not in the way many Floridians understand it. The limit shown on the road signs qualifies for the fastest speed that is safe to drive in good conditions. Therefore, you are not legally allowed to go faster than that number posted.

Turning lanes/passing lanes are questionable.

It is a common rule on the road that left lanes are passing lanes, and if you want a smoother ride, you stay in the right line. The Florida Driver's Association even describes with photos the correct way to pass if there is a passing lane.

In Florida, I've seen drivers use left lanes as just a fast lane, not necessarily for passing.

One TikTok, which gained 1.2 million views, shows two cars totally off the road to get by. In fact, they weren't even in a lane. They made their own rules and turned their wheel straight to the grass.


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I've heard people who live in the state joke, "if we're not merging, we're crashing," for those getting onto and off of highway exits. I don't encourage anyone to abide by this theory.

Although the content made about the traffic is funny, it is important you follow proper road rules and procedures to be safe and avoid conflict.

...Best of luck on your commutes.

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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