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One province in Canada could be the next region to provide free menstrual products in schools and public spaces.

Quebec is the latest place to take the step towards providing people who menstruate with pads and tampons at no cost.

The move comes after the government of Quebec decided to look into the possibility of offering hygiene essentials to the public.

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Being a woman means paying for products that men will never have to buy. Catherine Fournier

On Friday, the motion presented by Quebec MNA Catherine Fournier unanimously passed. It was first brought up in September of last year. 

Fournier has been very active in the fight to make these products available for people across the province and even took to Instagram to express her frustration at the lack of support faced by women.

"Being a woman means paying for products that men will never have to buy," the caption wrote in French.

She continued on to say that having to pay for such products can amount to thousands of dollars spent in a person's lifetime. 

The very first province to make hygiene products free in schools was B.C. in 2019, according to CBC News

Scotland has also recently implemented similar actions. 

So far no other province has made similar strides, however, some schools within other provinces have taken the initiative in providing their campuses with the essentials.

Institutions like the University of Toronto Scarborough's student union have provided their campus with hygiene products. Still, nothing has been seen on a provincial level in Ontario for students.