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Canada's Daily COVID-19 Cases Are On Track To Avoid The Worst Case Scenario For Now

One doctor is still calling the situation ugly.

It can always be worse. Canada's daily COVID-19 cases are on track to avoid the worst case scenario laid out in the country's latest modelling, but health experts warn that its still not looking good. 

Canada's latest projections for the pandemic, which were put out on November 20, showed a worst case scenario that involved over 10,000 daily cases at the start of December.

On December 4, as of 7p.m. ET, the country reported 6300 new daily cases. 

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6300 New cases of COVID-19 in Canada

The modelling had three different scenarios. If Canadians decreased our number of close contacts there would be over 5000 daily cases.  

If we maintained contacts, we would see just under 10,000 daily cases. If we increased contact there would be over 10,000 cases to start the month, drastically rising to 60,000 daily by the end of the month. 

While the country is currently avoiding that worst-case scenario, the numbers still aren't great. 

In a Twitter thread, Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist, called Canada's COVID-19 situation ugly, sharing the news that the total case count was over 400,000. 

"Think this is bad? January is going to be worse given our current trajectory + holidays," he wrote. 

"We know what needs to be done — no major paradigm shifts, just adherence to 1) fundamental principles of public health, and 2) pillars of epidemic response — this will drive cases down & keep us safe," he said.