Georgia Has Higher STD Rates Than Florida & These Southern States Dominate The 2023 List

One Georgia city also ranked in the top 10.

Augusta University. Right: Augusta University Health.
Florida Associate Editor

Augusta University. Right: Augusta University Health.

Georgia has one of the highest STD rates in America for 2023, and it even outranked Florida. In fact, aside from three states, almost every spot in the top 10 was taken by the Southern U.S.

The research done by Innerbody gathered data from the CDC and compiled a list of the numbers reported for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV, as well as STD cases per 100,000 people.

The Peach State was put in third place for the largest STD numbers overall, and No. 5 for the most reported total infections per 100,000 people. That number is 145,445 cases.

A separate Innerbody study categorized the top U.S. cities with the highest STD rates and concluded that Augusta, GA was at No. 6.

A full list of the Top 10 states is as follows:

Mississippi at No. 1

  • HIV Cases: 9,713
  • Chlamydia Cases: 23,919
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 13,773
  • Syphilis Cases: 778
Jackson, MS also takes first place in the Top 25 cities ranked with the highest STD rates.

Louisiana at No. 2

  • HIV Cases: 21,380
  • Chlamydia Cases: 32,997
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 15,483
  • Syphilis Cases: 767

Three cities in Louisiana take a seat in the Top 25 cities with the highest number of STD rates. New Orleans, LA is in No. 11, Baton Rouge, LA is No. 16 and Shreveport, LA is No. 21.

Georgia at No. 3

  • HIV Cases: 57,561
  • Chlamydia Cases: 62,582
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 23,463
  • Syphilis Cases: 1,839

Three Georgia cities make the Top 25 cities in the U.S. with the highest reported STDs. Augusta ranked sixth, Savannah ranked 20th and Atlanta is in the 22nd spot.

New York at No. 4

  • HIV Cases: 125,383
  • Chlamydia Cases: 97,722
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 42,517
  • Syphilis Cases: 3,052

New York, NY is in the seventh spot for the Top 25 cities ranked with the highest STD rates.

Maryland at No. 5

  • HIV Cases: 33,425
  • Chlamydia Cases: 32,398
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 12,052
  • Syphilis Cases: 904

Baltimore, Maryland takes second place in the Top 25 cities ranked with the highest STD rates.

South Carolina at No. 6

  • HIV Cases: 17,914
  • Chlamydia Cases: 34,118
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 16,705
  • Syphilis Cases: 671

Columbia, SC takes spot 18 in the Top 25 U.S. cities with the highest STD rates.

Florida at No. 7

  • HIV Cases: 114,541
  • Chlamydia Cases: 100,030
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 40,788
  • Syphilis Cases: 3,674

Florida has the most cities ranked in the Top 25 list. Tallahassee is at No. 14. Fort Lauderdale is at No. 17. Jacksonville is at No. 23 and Miami is at No. 24.

North Carolina

  • HIV Cases: 33,562
  • Chlamydia Cases: 64,640
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 28,258
  • Syphilis Cases: 1,353

Fayetteville, NC ranks 10th place for the Top 25 American cities with highest STD rates.


  • HIV Cases: 11,042
  • Chlamydia Cases: 14,739
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 6,364
  • Syphilis Cases: 813

Not one Nevada city ranked in the top 25. Las Vegas made it at No. 54.


  • HIV Cases: 14,158
  • Chlamydia Cases: 27,075
  • Gonorrhea Cases: 14,426
  • Syphilis Cases: 550

Montgomery, AL takes eighth place in the Top 25 cities ranked with the highest STD rates.

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