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Some Companies Are Now Paying Their Employees To Get A COVID Vaccine

One of them is even paying $750 to go get the shot. 🤯
Some Companies Are Now Paying Their Employees To Get A COVID Vaccine

Though COVID-19 vaccines are now being administered, some people might find it difficult to find the time to go get one due to a busy work schedule.

That is why some companies in the United States are now stepping up to not only allow employees to leave work and get a vaccine, but they are actually paying them to do so.

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We do not want our employees to have to choose between receiving a vaccine or coming to work. Dollar General 

Variety store chain Dollar General is among the first to step up for its employees, as they are now paying all 157,000 of them to go get an optional COVID-19 vaccination.

The company is offering four hours' regular pay to go get the vaccine.

"We want to be on the forefront of facilitating our employees’ ability to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if they so choose—and we encourage all of our team to receive the vaccine when it’s available to them," said Dollar General.  

Local companies across the United States have also been taking initiatives, including the Gracedale Nursing Home in Pennsylvania, which is offering its employees a whopping $750 to go get a vaccine dose. 

Atlas Senior Living in Birmingham, Alabama is also offering a reward for employees who get both doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

They'll get two additional paid days off to enjoy a little vacation time. 

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