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Canada's Health Agency Still Wants You To Get The Shot Even Though There's Almost No Cases

Canada's health experts want you to get your flu shot even if cases have been "exceptionally low" this year.

The Public Health Agency of Canada isn't budging on its firm stance regarding influenza season and the precautions Canadians should take.

Even if the numbers pale in comparison to last year's flu virus cases across the country.

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17 influenza detections reported in Canada

The positive cases for influenza have remained very low throughout the months of March to October, PHAC told Narcity.

"To date this season, 17 influenza detections have been reported, which is significantly lower than the past six seasons where an average of 818 influenza detections were reported," The health agency said.

PHAC also said it recommends that anyone who is six months and older gets the flu shot. According to them, the shot can protect you if you are exposed to the virus, protect people close to you, and prevent you from getting very sick.

They not only said that it would reduce the burden on hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that it can reduce your chances of catching COVID-19 and the flu at the same time.

Which could possibly lead to even more serious complications if it occurs.

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