It's the end of an era. The Greyhound bus service, one of Canada's most iconic travel options, is officially ending its entire Canadian operations as of Thursday, May 13.

In a statement posted to its website on Thursday afternoon, the company announced that it was shutting down its buses and routes due to a "full year without revenue."

"The pandemic, and required travel restrictions to help keep Canadians safe, brought a further dramatic drop of approximately 95 percent of normal volumes before operations were fully suspended in May 2020," Greyhound said in a statement. "Our service is reliant on the farebox – we are not able to sustain operations with a significant reduction in ridership and the corresponding revenue loss."

Canada's minister of transport Omar Alghabra responded to the news with disappointment, remarking that many Canadians depend on the bus service to travel.

"We will work with our provincial partners to explore options to address this gap and provide Canadians with safe, reliable and affordable transportation across the country," Alghabra said.