Grocery Store CEOs Are Being Grilled By The Feds & You Can Send In Your Own Questions

Here's how you can send them to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

A Loblaws grocery store. Right: Canada's Parliament.

A Loblaws grocery store. Right: Canada's Parliament.

Anyone who has been to a grocery store in Canada over the last year has likely noticed that things are getting more expensive.

To get to the bottom of this, the CEOs of some of Canada's largest grocery store chains have been summoned to testify before parliament on food inflation — and you can even send in your burning questions.

As announced by the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, several CEOs of Canada's top grocery store chains have been "summoned before parliament to testify about food price."

The event is taking place on March 8, and Singh has said he won't be taking it easy on them.

He's even done a call-out for questions from Canadians on what they to ask industry leaders when the time finally comes,

"You know what, text me your questions," he said. "613-801-8210."

So, if you have specific questions about inflation and the cost of food you want answered, send Singh a text, and you might see it posed to the bigwigs on March 8.

"I don’t care how rich and powerful they think they are," concluded Singh. "I'm going to look these CEOs square in the eyes and get you and your family answers."

The tweet, which has been viewed about a million times, got loads of responses from people.

"Ask Sobeys why their Foodland banner stores, which are almost always the only choice in smaller towns, are so ludicrously overpriced compared to their own FreshCo and Sobeys branded stores. Seems like profiteering off small towns to me," one Twitter user commented.

"I'm glad they will have to testify but then what? What can and will the Canadian government do?" another asked.

This isn't the only time Singh has asked Canadians to text him about government policy, having previously posted his number to get responses to a new bill back in March 2022.

As for who is attending, according to NDP MP Alistair MacGregor, CEOs and top brass from Canadian grocery chains Loblaws, Empire and Metro have been summoned to parliament.

This investigation is another in a slew of looking into "greedflation."

In October 2022, a motion that passed unanimously in Parliament began a Canada Competition Bureau investigation into the price of groceries.

The same motion that launched the case also recognized that "corporate greed is a significant driver of inflation" in Canada.

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