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9 Incredible Things You Can Bid On At Ontario's Guinness World Records Auction Right Now

The online auction has some iconic items for sale!
9 Incredible Things You Can Bid On At Ontario's Guinness World Records Auction Right Now

You can bid on some record-breaking items at the Guinness World Records Museum auction happening right now.

The Niagara landmark is selling tons of its items and memorabilia online after closing permanently in September 2020.

Hosted by Ripley Auctions, the online catalogue is open for bidding until February 12, 2021, when the auction takes place.

You can put an offer on all sorts of iconic and unusual items, from the letters of the glowing museum sign to photo ops and record-holding artifacts.

Take a look at some of the incredible items being offered, and view the full catalogue here.

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Giant Oak Chair

Estimate: $1000 - $1500

Details: If you've ever passed by the Guinness World Records Museum, then you would have seen or even sat in this chair. It was used as a photo op beside a statue of the tallest man ever, Robert Wadlow, which is not included.

Fun House Mirror

Estimate: $500 - $1000

Details: This wacky mirror will distort the reflection of anyone who looks into it.

World's Smallest Camera

Estimate: $500 - $1000

Details: Manufactured in 1947 and 1948, the world's smallest marketed camera is the Japanese PETAL model.

World's Heaviest Man Photo Op

Estimate: $3000 - $5000

Details: One of the most recognizable displays at the museum, this photo op is now available to bid on and own.

This Wurlitzer One More Time Jukebox

Estimate: $4000 - $5000

Details: The vinyl record Jukebox has been fully restored and is still in working condition, so you can rock out to some tunes. It even lights up with neon colours.

Wayne Gretzky Memorabilia 

Estimate: $1500 - $2000

Details: The framed display includes a Los Angeles Kings jersey and photograph signed by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. It also comes with a letter of authenticity.

Punching Bag Boxer Game

Estimate: $1000 - $2000

Details: You can participate in a round of boxing with this coin-operated machine. It's still in good condition and even keeps score.

Atari Hercules Pinball Game

Estimate: $1500 - $2500

Details: The original, coin-operated pinball machine holds the record for the world's largest pinball game and is still fully functional.

World's Smallest Bicycle

Estimate: $500 - $1000

Details: This tiny bicycle was built and ridden by Charly Charles in his show at Circus Circus Hotels.

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