A Nova Scotia woman allegedly called 911 multiple times for non-emergency reasons before being arrested by police. 

In a Facebook statement released Tuesday, the RCMP said they arrested a 46-year-old woman on New Years Day after she called police six times. 

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$697.50 Fined for calling 911 in non-emergency

Police said that the woman was given an offence ticket by Kingston RCMP when she called for the second time.

It was only when she called four more times that police arrested the woman to "stop the continuation of the offence."

According to them, the fine for calling 911 without having a valid emergency comes with a $697.50 price tag in Nova Scotia.

"New Year’s Eve is typically a very busy night for first responders and any time you call 911 when it’s not an emergency, you potentially endanger someone in your community," the statement read.

Nova Scotia RCMP media relations officer, Andrew Joyce told Narcity that calling 911 without adequate reason is illegal and comes with hefty fines for Canadians.

RCMP Nova Scotia urges people to call only when necessary, as it is "vital to the safety and health of the community."