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A Canadian Brewery Is Paying People To Be 'Micro-Influencers' & Drink Local Craft Beer

A dream side hustle for un-famous Instagrammers! 🍻

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Good Robot Brewing Company Will Pay You To Drink Beer

If you're looking to make a few extra dollars, a Nova Scotia-based brewery is offering locals the chance to become "micro-influencers" who are paid to drink craft beer and post about it.

Good Robot Brewing Company wants people to drink their brews, post about it on Instagram and tag them in it until November 14, 2021. The pay is $1 per post so while you probably shouldn't quit your day job, you could rake in some cash from now until the end date for this unique job.

First, you have to pick up one of the five eligible brews at your local liquor store. Then you have to post a photo or video on Instagram of the beer with @goodrobotbrew and #sponsored or #ad in the caption. After that, Good Robot will slide into your DMs to confirm your email and then e-transfer you $1 for each post.

You can only share one post per product, per week which can work out to a maximum of five posts every week. Also, you have to keep the post up for at least 30 days.

All micro-influencers must be a resident of Nova Scotia, be of legal drinking age (19+), have a public Instagram account with at least one post from before August 9, 2021, fewer than 10,000 followers, a valid email address and a Canadian bank account that can accept Interac e-transfers.


Salary: $1 per post

Company: Good Robot Brewing Company

What The Job Entails: Posting about up to five eligible brews on Instagram and putting @goodrobotbrew and #sponsored or #ad in the caption. You can share one post per product, per week until November 14, 2021. Then look for a DM from Good Robot to confirm your email for the e-transfer.


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