It's official! The Nova Scotia plastic bag ban has started and the single-use items are no longer available across the province except in a few instances.

This new law doesn't just apply to grocery stores but to all businesses in the province.

Now that the ban is in effect, the hope is that it will encourage waste reduction and help keep plastic out of the environment and landfills.

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October 30 the single-use plastic bag ban came into effect

As of October 30, businesses in Nova Scotia can't use plastic bags or offer them to customers.

Instead, retailers can give reusable and paper bags to people or ask them to bring their own when they shop.

There are some exceptions to the new rule.

Plastic can still be given out by businesses for things like loose bulk items, food that's not pre-packaged, prescription drugs from a pharmacy, flowers and more.

Recently, Canada revealed which single-use plastics will be banned across the country next year and bags are included.