Nova Scotia's Iconic Theodore Tugboat Is Up For Sale & He Costs Less Than A City Condo

Could he be transformed into a unique Airbnb experience?
Theodore Tugboat Is For Sale In Halifax & He Costs Less Than A City Condo (PHOTOS)
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If you’ve ever had dreams of sailing the seas in Canada’s most iconic tugboat, all of your dreams could be about to come true! Nova Scotia’s Theodore Tugboat is for sale, and the vessel costs less than a downtown city condo. In fact, the beloved boat could be all yours for just $495,000.

In a news release shared last week, Halifax tour company Ambassatours Gray Line confirmed that their iconic vessel would soon be available for purchase.

The giant boat, which has cruised around Halifax and beyond for 20 years, is inspired by the 1990s TV show Theodore Tugboat, and is a much-loved staple of the Nova Scotia capital.

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However, it seems life-sized Theodore Too’s run in Halifax is coming to an end, as the Ambassatours Gray Line CEO confirmed that the vessel is no longer making any money.

“While we are deeply aware of Theodore’s significance as a Halifax icon, the reality is that we’ve been subsidizing Theodore’s operation for several years,” CEO Dennis Campbell explained in a statement.

Rather than retire the beloved boat from the seas, he’s now up for sale for $495,000.

That’s certainly not cheap, but it’s more affordable than many downtown city properties!

If you’re wondering what the tugboat could be used for in the future, Campbell has several suggestions.

He said the new owner could transform the 49-passenger boat into a unique waterside cafe or bar, an event venue, or even into an extraordinary Airbnb experience.

While there’s no requirements for the new owner to reside in Nova Scotia, Halifax locals aren’t prepared to let the vessel go without a fight!

Residents have already set up a GoFundMe page for Theodore, hoping to raise enough cash to buy the boat and donate it to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic or the Halifax Regional Municipality.

At the time of writing, the page had raised over $1,500.

Reacting to the news that the boat is suddenly for sale, one Canadian tweeted, “This is going to look so good on the Rideau Canal. #TakeMyMoney.”

Another wrote, “Going to the bank to get a $500,000 loan approved and if you see me driving around the harbour in Theodore Tugboat after, mind your business.”

Good luck, Theodore!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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