Health Canada Wants To Limit Nicotine In Vaping Products To 'Reduce The Appeal' To Youth

But you get to have your say though!
Health Canada Wants To Limit Nicotine In Vaping Products To 'Reduce The Appeal' To Youth

Health Canada wants to reduce the nicotine levels found in vaping products currently sold in the country but they're asking for your input on the decision. 

The health agency said they want to take another look at the concentration of the drug inside vapes to curb the appeal for youth and have proposed new regulations as a result.  

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Health Canada is consulting on proposed regulations to limit nicotine concentrations in vaping products. Health Canada

The analysis comes after health officials witnessed what they call a "rapid increase in youth vaping in Canada."

To combat this, the regulator hopes to set in motion a maximum nicotine concentration of 20 mg/mL for these products instead of the 66 mg/mL seen today.

They believe that this change in nicotine units will help it be less appealing to younger Canadians. 

"Young persons are being exposed to vaping product-related harms, including those related to nicotine exposure, which can result in a dependence on nicotine and an increased risk of tobacco use," the statement read.

However, Health Canada is also asking the public for their input. They have asked Canadians to submit their opinions before March 4, 2021.  

"Have your say! Health Canada is proposing to limit #nicotine concentration in vaping products, to reduce the appeal of #vaping products to youth," they said on Twitter.